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Since 2013 MJT was established to help our customers marketing with creative marketing ideas and brand exposure solution. We grow with our customers. Over 100 employees part time and full time, we always promised a satisfying service to our customers.

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Hey guys, I'm the Founder of My Job Times Sdn Bhd, since 2013. I have a Bachelor Degree of Accounting and Finance. I have involved in multiple businesses mainly taking roles of marketing and management. Therefore, I have a sight of growing a business from day one. I would love to be part of the support to help your business grow. Do contact me when you need a person for support.

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Charles is one of the Directors of MJT. He is responsible for the company's sales and oversees MJT's operations, including end-to-end management.

Before being named Director of the company, he was Intel's Engineer and was responsible for product development. Charles spent 6 years in his Engineering career.

Charles earned a Bachelor Degree of Engineering (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in partnership with University of Bradford (UoB), UK at INTI International College Penang. Charles held several executive positions in clubs and successfully organised numerous events at IICP.

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My Job Times Sdn Bhd since 2013 was established to help our customers grow their business